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Once you have made the decision to sell your home there is usually a brief period of dread that sets in. We feel that temporary apprehension comes from lack of information and time in your day. The Payne-Cook Team strives to wipe the stress away by breaking the process down into logical steps and formulating a successful plan before any sign goes in your yard. After meeting with a member of The Payne-Cook Team you will see that you are not in this process alone. We are here to guide you and navigate the crossroads that will unfold in the coming weeks. The process below is intended as a general outline. Our strength is knowing when to deviate from the flow and identify the critical step that will result in the most prosperous outcome for you and your family. At the bottom of this page are more detailed guides that you will find useful.

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The first decision you need to make is choosing the agent that is best for you. I implore you to call The Payne-Cook Team for an interview. We treat the listing appointment as an interview. We know you have choices in the market place. If after meeting with one of our team members what we say does not make good business and financial sense for you we will respect your choice. This is a business, our services have to match your needs.


Prior to arriving for our interview we will do our homework. We know your time is valuable and we respect that by being prepared. You will see comps, we will have the knowledge of the local market and your neighborhood. We will be prepared to discuss all the details of your transaction on the spot.


Some sellers meet with one agent and some interview multiple agents. After all the presentations are done it's time for DECISION #1, which agent will be the best person to work with and represent your needs. We feel confident that will be us! If it's not then we didn't do a good job explaining our points of differentiation and failed to make a personal connection. Yes, the "gut feel" does matter. We move families. We know that process means selling your home but your family is foremost in our mind.


The most dreaded part of the sales process is the preparation. Examining your home with the eyes of a buyer can be daunting. Do I need to paint? Do I need to replace carpet? What about that wallpaper in the powder bath? The list can be endless. We will help. We know the things that today's buyers expect and what items are less critical. We can tell you where to spend money to get the biggest return on your investment. Sometimes this process takes days and sometimes it takes weeks - each client and home is different. We have a team of vendors that we trust and can give multiple referrals. Critical DECISION #2 is what should and shouldn't you do. WE WILL HELP.


Real Estate agents DO market differently. Some agents list your home on the multiple listing service then sit back and wait. The Payne-Cook Team aggressively markets your home from day one. Our job is to create a frenzy in the marketplace. The best possible scenario is to have multiple offers. The second most desired scenario is to have a buyer disappointed that they didn't put an offer on your home in time. We cultivate this energy until closing. Some deals unravel before closing. In the rare event that happens with one of our listings we want to have another buyer waiting in the wings to step in.


According to the National Association of Realtors the number one reason sellers use an agent is for them to negotiate on their behalf. Luckily for you we love this part of the selling process! I'm not a gambler but I often compare negotiations to playing poker. You need to know how to bluff, you need to know how hard to push, and most importantly you need to know when you have won and stop fighting. The only thing we are emotional about is not letting you, our client, down.


Once all parties signed and executed a contract the skill of The Payne-Cook Team takes over. We manage the contract to close paying special attention to the 27 loop holes that the Buyer has to back out of the contract without recourse. You want to make plans for the future. You need to understand the risks along the way so you know the ramifications of all your decisions and know when you can safely move forward.


The Closing refers to the actual signing of documents. Prior to that day we will walk you through the closing disclosure statement to ensure there are no "surprises" at the Title Company closing table. We prefer to be proactive and eliminate or minimize problems BEFORE they arise. Clear communication is key to having a seamless closing day.


The money from the sale of your home is in the bank and now you can pack and move to your new home. We give you resources for packing tips, cancelling utilities, and vendors to assist you.


You have moved to your new home, unpacked, and are making new friends. We want to be one of those friends. We will not abandon you after the sale. We can give you updates on the real estate market in your new community. We can help with tax protests. We can help you find a vacation home when the time is right. Whatever your real estate need we are your advisors for life! List with us and enjoy all the benefits that go along with being one of The Payne-Cook Team Alumni.

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Our goal is to build relationships with every client and to take care of your family the way we love and care for ours.
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